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Saturday, March 7, 2009

3K Inn Bazaar!

Well... kinda last min but we managed to get a spot on SUNDAY for the 3K Inn Bazaar!!!
So do come visit us on Sunday!

Day : Sunday
Date : 22 March 2009

Location : 3K Inn Subang Jaya

Time : 11am-9pm

Just brought in A WHOLE NEW BATCH of clothes!!!!
You wouldn't wanna miss that out babes! =)

Will bring along VS goodies... =)
Bring more pocket money girls!
See ya there!

Btw, did I mention this is the 1st time every PF is in a bazaar? =)
A whole new experience to explore!

P/S: Some of the stocks you see in our blog might not appear in the bazaar...
Because maybe...maybeeee ... my partner won't be able to make.
So her stocks are with her and we couldn't meet each other b4 that to pass the clothes... =(
Thousand apologies!

Map attached below~:

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