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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry girls!~
Haven't been able to update much recently.
I was food poisoned so couldn't really take pics or upload them online...
Right now feeling much better already.
Hopefully I'll recover fully before this Sunday, 22 March 09!

Do catch us at the 3K Inn Bazaar on Sunday ok?
Will be bringing you lots more clothes as well as promotions.
Special offers will be given on that very special day itself!
Something you can't get during online .. =)

Will be bringing whatever VS goodies I have in hand first,so you girls could see it's fine workmanship and real size/look.(displayed items will be my own items, selling items are still nicely sealed in plastic bags.)
We don't cheat on people and we really want to bring the best for you girls.
So stay tuned ok!
Bring more $$$ on Sunday... u'll need them. =)


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