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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY day off!

Hello babes!
I have a declaration to make here... lol

Starting from this Saturday (24 Jan 09) until Friday (30 Jan 09), certain items won't be able to be delivered within this period due to CNY break!
However we will constantly check our mails and will be taking orders.

I'll be heading back to my hometown and I won't be bringing my stocks along so... hehe
Hope you girls understand!

My partner will still be able to post her items since we're staying separately right now.
So yeah... do email us ok?

And we'll let you know whether is the item available to be posted on that week or not...
Unless you're patient until 30 Jan 09! ;)
Orders will still take place as normal.
Thank you!!!

And Happy Chinese New Year to all!!

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